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How do you facilitate the delicate journey of a patient seeking treatment and healthcare services from a hospital’s perspective?


Far East Organization (FEO) is one of Singapore’s most well-known and renowned companies having businesses in property development, retail, hospitality across Asia and Australia.

FEO approached BLS through a closed door pitch to help ideate, plan and execute an acquisition focused marketing campaign for one of their premium property launches, Ambersea.

Launching in Singapore’s East Coast, Ambersea was designed as an exclusive luxury condo of only 132 exclusive units, plus a one of a kind villa.

Business challenge/s:

  • To position and promote the duality of laid-back living in the bustling, vibrant Katong community
  • To highlight the various layouts, their features and the distinctive assets of the development to a broad range of audiences such as families, investors, High-Net Worth individuals and more.
  • To generate qualified leads and inspections for the property in a hypercompetitive market, with a number of similar developments being constructed in the area.

With competitor properties already targeting the exact same audiences with similar market positioning statements, we needed an approach that would separate us from the pack.



Our Approach:

Combine our creative messaging and media targeting to create and capture moment-based experiences to set the property apart.

Unlike traditional media targeted that only focused on slow moving triggers such as Demographics and Interests, we added an additional layer of fast moving triggers that focused on Proximity and Time – to ensure that our communications hit the audience with the right degree of context and relevance.



Creative / Messaging:

Our messaging and creative direction was built around Inspiring Day-Dreams, focused on the moment that our audiences would be dreaming about their future.


Our campaign ran across 3-phases, 4-audiences, 2-platforms (Facebook/Instagram and Programmatic Display) and 8- formats.

In total, we created more than 100 different individual assets.


The Films:

We also produced a series of films that featured the key people behind the development such as renowned architect Seah Chee Kien (Managing Director of RSP Architects).

These films told the story of the inspiration behind Ambersea and were crafted to allow potential buyers to truly understand the Ambersea vision. The films featured on the Ambersea website, with cut-downs supported by paid media.



  • Digital Strategy
  • Media consulting
  • User Research
  • Creative Ideation
  • Copywriting
  • Film scripting & storyboarding
  • Media assets design & development


The campaign achieved a reach of 4.6mil and generated almost 50,000 link clicks to the Ambersea website along with more than 650 direct leads from Facebook.

Continued optimisation of creative and media targeting allowed us to achieve a cost per lead below $30 in the final weeks of the campaign.

This results of this first project with Far East Organisation has resulted in us being awarded a follow up project that will be launching in the latter part of 2022.

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