Sitefinity CMS Integration

We have a long standing legacy partnership with Progress with a specialism in Sitefinity CMS development and support. Our staff are experienced in both small and large scale Sitefinity website buildings and operations.

  • What We Do

    Are you looking for the right solution not only to manage content on your website without code but also to improve the digital experience? With Sitefinity, we can easily build your site as well as increase the potential customer, key conversion and revenue by analyzing user behavior, tracking every multi-interaction.

    It’s easy to create the personalizing within Sitefinity. Define your user segment using characteristics, such as IP, what page they visited, what section they clicked, persona characteristics, and more. Take your segmentation a step further with Sitefinity Insight campaigns. Besides, building the website by Sitefinity also enables integration with tools such as CRM, CDP, or Marketing Automation.

    Sitefinity is the all-in-one online marketing solution that offers powerful content management for your website, enhances the customer journey by optimizing marketing campaigns, changing the content for each audience segment to truly understand the overall experience.

  • Sitefinity CMS Integration Services

    1. Web content management
    2. Personalization
    3. Reports and marketing recommendation
    4. Mobile optimization
    5. All functions in one system

What We Do



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