Data Strategies for Data Driven Marketing

How do you use data intelligently to build a virtuous cycle of customer acquisitions, upselling, cross selling and referrals?

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    How do you start to use data intelligently within your organisation, to start forming a holistic picture of who your customer is, where he/she is in the consideration, purchasing and usage cycles of your product/service; understand his/her needs and then make use of marketing automation technologies to build powerful, insight driven campaigns to build a continuous cycle of acquisition, upselling, cross-selling and referrals at scale?

    New technologies and techniques can help digital marketing in an enormous way but can risk being used in silos without a clear path of integration.

    Our Data Team can assist you:

    1.  Identify and map all possible data sources.

    2.  Shortlist and recommend suitable technologies and services to enable identity resolution, storage, connectivity and retrieval of data.

    3.  Design a set of comprehensive recommendations on how all sources of data can be segmented, activated, personalized and optimized with insights continuously applied to help Client stakeholders use the data to drive marketing and sales effectiveness.

    4.  Develop recommendations for the application of the strategies to different media platforms.

  • Data Strategies Services

    1. Data research
    2. Data mapping
    3. Data segmentation
    4. Data activation
    5. Data personalisation
    6. Data optimisation
    7. Identity resolution
    8. Data analytics
    9. Marketing automation

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