How does a B2B/B2C Global Paint product supplier utilise BLS to help them manage their various instances of Drupal?


- Dulux employed several websites for different countries with similar content, and this required additional effort if shared content needed to be updated across multiple sites.

- BLS was challenged to set up and synchronise a content management system capable of minimising effort, whilst ensuring that data security was a top priority.



BLS was appointed to undertake the management of their websites from the previous vendor with a clear focus on security and uptime.

Our solution?
We conducted a security sweep of the existing codes and cleaned up any vulnerabilities. After that, we changed the hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which ensured the uptime of the site.

Furthermore, we ensured that the Drupal Content Management System and related services were patched up to date in order to prevent any vulnerability of data.


  • AWS Hosting
  • Drupal application management
  • Security


Transformed the entire hosting into an easy-to-manage platform, coupled with the new patches that were applied regularly for the integrity of the brand and websites.

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