How does a foreign truck brand compete in a market dominated by domestic brands?


As a globally known brand, Scania was suffering from low brand awareness, with a reputation of being an expensive, western brand not suitable for China.

At the same time, the heavy truck market was dominated by domestic brands, with 4 foreign brands competing for a small market share offering similar propositions with no differentiation.


We first conducted a comprehensive research of the heavy truck brand positioning and local sentiments to develop a unique messaging for Scania in China.

To influence brand perception, we embarked on a 360 degree marketing strategy to build a holistic brand ecosystem by reaching out to the general audience in addition to Scania's core target audience through various social media platforms, interactive campaigns and offline events.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • WeChat marketing
  • Weibo marketing
  • Copywriting


In 18 months, WeChat followers grew organically by more than 65% and WeChat posts garnered 20,000 pageviews monthly. Weibo posts garnered up to 60,000 pageviews monthly.

Based on keyword search volume on Baidu, Scania's brand awareness grew from 3rd position among 4 foreign truck brands in mid 2017 to 1st position by Jun 2019.

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