An end-to-end project of research, design and revamping, together with developing new features using the Magnolia CMS, hosted on Alibaba Cloud.


NCS Group is a multinational information technology and communications engineering company, which is at the forefront of delivering digitalization that is transforming entire industries and nations, with over 70 offices, over 15,000 staff globally. Following a rebranding, NCS has relaunched their Global website on Magnolia CMS and there is a need to revamp their China website urgently.

It requires a flexible design, a architecture on both Front-end and Back-end which has the high extensibility to not only adapt the same UI, structure and content as Global website, but also can have the ability to develop, enhance new functionalities without breaking the existing ones.

SEO, content should be designed, implemented and populated effectively to be adopted in China market as well as worked well with Internet-related services such as Baidu search engine.


We first embarked on a discovery phase by reviewing the NCS Global website design, UI, structure and content and analyzing the websites of NCS China’s competitors. We also gathered China users’ feedback and reviewed NCS China’s business strategy. Based on the findings, we developed the China website UI, structure, and content strategy.

The China website is hosted in China to achieve the best website performance and SEO on Baidu search engine. To shorten the development time, we replicated the Global website and developed custom components for China, updated the website structure and localized the content.

Content localisation requires local knowledge with industry hot topics and trends. We worked closely with the client and performed SEO keyword research to develop the keywords list for content localization and SEO meta data development.


  • Implementation onto Magnolia CMS
  • Content Delivery (CD) and Content Management (CM) infrastructure
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website design & revamp
  • User experience design
  • Site information architecture
  • Responsive website design
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Linux


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