Increasing the sign-up rate of ZALORA's Community Influencer program by 150%


“We have strong confidence in the new look of the program now as the new program site has recorded a 150% increase in sign-up rate and a 90% increase in time spent on the site. This is the first key milestone and we hope to achieve a much better user experience and simplification through continuous optimization moving forward ”.


Leonard Chang – Regional Affiliate Marketing Lead, ZALORA.


The fashion industry is a fast changing and competitive one with many brands and retailers operating within the same environment. Fashion e-tailers have to differentiate themselves through innovative marketing campaigns in order to achieve cut-through and attract the right audience to their platform. ZALORA’s Community Influencer Program is one such program where Influencers who join and share their fashion finds get rewarded when their fans shop at ZALORA.

The client put out a tender to have their Community Influencer site revamped as they felt that the information architecture, content and design was not being maximised to help them stand out.



Through a successful tender, our design proposal was largely based on a revising the content and information flow to clearly highlight the program’s USPs as well as a completely refreshed look and feel and nifty tools to help Users complete their registration as an Influencer and calculation of their Rewards in just a few steps.

UX Design: We identified that the previous version of the site did not clearly and succinctly communicate the USPs of the program strongly enough nor did it make it easy for Users to sign up right away.

To this end, we stripped down the design of the site and put up the USPs of the program upfront, and also created a straightforward FAQ section which was fronted by a neat calculator tool to allow Users to calculate how much revenue they could earn simply by keying in the number of followers they had without the need to fill in a web-form which was the methodology used previously.

Visual Design: We revamped the design of the site to communicate a younger, vibrant and more fashion forward feel by using a fresh colour palette of brighter, more pop art colours and included images of a younger and more varied range of talents to communicate the diversity of the program.

Technology: The newly revamped ZALORA Community Influencer program’s website was built on their existing CMS platform. Our team did the coding in HTML and worked hand in hand with ZALORA to deploy the site.



  • Digital Strategy
  • Website design & revamp
  • User Research
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Site information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Responsive website design


  • Sign up rate increased by 150%.
  • Time spent on site increased by 90%.
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