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How to promote your brand using website?

Due to the fact that it conveys your brand identity, your company website is crucial to its success. This implies that you may utilize your website to advertise your brand, enhancing its authority and reputation while broadening its reach and awareness. 

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Why hotels need new ways to unlock APAC’s travel surge for business growth

Our latest findings show that 98% of travelers research travel online as compared with 82% of those surveyed last year, and Search is a leading digital touchpoint. In populous developing markets like India, for instance, over 70% of travelers say they use Search. And between July and September, search interest in “best hotel” grew 23% year over year in India, and it rose by 179% and 248% in Australia and Singapore respectively.

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Implementing China specific instance of Sitecore (Part 2 of 3)

Planning a proper server infrastructure plan for Sitecore requires a good understanding of your website’s eventual usage so as to ensure you can identify the right Sitecore product to adequately cater for the server load. In this article, we will focus on Sitecore XP 9.3 as an example.

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Implementing China specific instance of Sitecore (Part 1 of 3)

To implement Sitecore in China can be a daunting challenge . Clients as well as their technical teams and partners will need to have extensive knowledge of how Sitecore works and a good understanding of China’s internet operating environment. The good news is that the installation of Sitecore is relatively straightforward.

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Integrating Kentico Kontent with a CMS

What happens if you need to have to implement business logic to the content, for example, to display only certain articles to users who had registered and login to the website? In this article, we will look at how we can use a CMS to integrate with Kentico Kontent to provide such functionalities.

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Building a high performance international website using Kentico Kontent

There are many ways to build a high performance website, such as having servers that are powerful enough to handle the huge traffic load. However, most of these solutions require a dedicated team to manage the application and servers themselves. In this post, we will focus on building such a site using only HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services S3 and Kentico Kontent Headless Content Management System (CMS).

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Content Engineering: Content Strategies Used by Malaysian Banks on Facebook

We’ve all heard it before. “Content is King”. The famous phrase was first mentioned by the one and only Bill Gates in an essay published in January 1996 rightly called “Content is King”. Today, almost 25 years later, this is more true than ever. Among the most valued metrics to measure the success of content marketing is Engagement, hence why it is so crucial to understand how our audiences react to our content in order to maximize it.

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eCommerce Fraud & Risk Mitigation

What are the types of e-commerce Fraud?

If there is any positivity out of the current pandemic, is that e-commerce is on the rise with lockdowns and restrictions pushing more and more consumers online to purchase.

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Planning for fear

Anxiety, frustration, impatience, concern – some of the emotions you’re probably used to trying to eradicate from a customer journey. Ideally, you want your experience to elicit delight, happiness, excitement and anticipation.

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B2B Marketing With WeChat in China

As everyone may be aware, WeChat is an effective tool for marketing to consumers, as companies can improve brand awareness through WeChat advertising. How about the effect of B2B marketing on WeChat?

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6 things to do eCommerce Digital Marketing Right

The scope of this article focuses on what we consider “hygiene” activities within the digital space, to help you drive traffic to your site, including mobile optimisation of your ecommerce site, email marketing, email marketing automation, sending personalised emails, content marketing, social media and selling, creating shoppable social media posts, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising on Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Shopping Display Ads.

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Compare Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Features, Pricing, Hosting 2020 - Pros & Cons

If you are undergoing digital transformation, or evaluating your enterprises' current digital commerce platform for fitness for purpose moving forward, there are many aspects that need to be considered. This article is an attempt to filter out the noise and focus on the core aspects that are most important to an enterprise level customer as a starting point down the path of selecting platform partners to invite to a request for information or request of proposal. The focus of the article is currently on Enterprise B2C/D2C commerce platforms.

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Post Pandemic China: Digital Leads the Way

With China now in post-pandemic phase, the country begins its transition to the ‘new normal’, and companies and their brands, like consumers, are starting to look ahead and invest again in the future. While UK lockdown looks set to last for a while yet, there are some key lessons in futureproofing your brands to take away from re-emergent China. Tan Kay Kin, CEO of our Asia Agency Bray Leino Splash, shares insight, advice and predictions…

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A How to guide in setting up an Amazon store

As more brands consider building out a new eCommerce capability, moving from a ‘bricks & mortar’ only strategy or just looking for another channel to sell directly to consumers, now is the time to consider what ‘being on Amazon’ could mean for your brand and product sales. Bray Leino UK’s Digital Director, Patrick Furse, has the low-down on Amazon Stores.

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B2B tech brands are now starting adapt the Human to Human approach

The thing about human expectations is that they are never bound by category. Amazon sets the bar for digital customer experience. Netflix sets the bar for entertainment. Apple sets the bar for intuitive technology. Every other business is judged accordingly. Humans don’t make compassionate allowance for sectors or verticals in the endless battle for their time, attention and memory space.

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Can the Retail Apocalypse Be Avoided?

“Showrooming”, a phenomenon when a shopper visits a store to check out a product but then purchases it online has oft been blamed for the demise of brick and mortar stores. So, if you’re a retailer, fighting the good fight, here is a list of 5 things you can consider, as you evolve your retail strategy to better serve your customers, wherever he or she may be.

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Personalization: Delivering a Magical Online Experience

In the last few year, as technologies matured, personalization is becoming a reality for the average marketer. It is no longer the exclusive purview of enterprises. Affordable content management system that offer strong personalization capabilities have now made this powerful tool accessible to many more marketer.

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